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IDO Announcement: #CLEG

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The Cryptocurrency industry is a fast-growing one among them all. Innovative corporations usually try to merge their products with this evolving trend every day. The gaming industry is one of them. Corporations and startup firms combined their gaming ideas with monetizing formulas based on Blockchain technology.

The Play-to-Earn (P2E) concept is what is trending these days and the IDO of Chain of Legends is the hot topic of the day!


As we enter the GameFi age, “Chain of Legends” is aiming to become the leader of the P2E industry on the Binance blockchain. As our slogan claims, Chain of Legends is the #Bitcoin of crypto games. But we are well aware that it’s not an easy goal to achieve due to the presence of titans like “Axie infinity” and “Sandbox”. “Chain of Legends” is poised to present a solution for the most crucial issues of blockchain games, which are high inflation and countless NFT minting, And is planning to launch a successful Beta Testnet and IDO in JUNE.


“Chain of Legends” is a very promising corporation with expert team members who are trying hard to fulfill the project’s purposes. Genuine projects never hide their identity. Anyone can effortlessly meet up with each of them on the LinkedIn account of the project. Its goal is to serve its community by offering a very amusing #P2E game and good services on social media.

With its powerful flawless Tokenomics, it is trying to present a decent economic game for small and medium investors with a reasonable uptrend price movement for both early players and investors. The deflationary system of Tokenomics and its token burn system won’t allow the $CLEG’s price to experience severe dumps or pumps! But by doing a simple Math, early players and investors can earn up to 90% net profit (ROI) in 33 days. It is a huge ROI, yes. But it won’t remain the same. As the game goes forward, thanks to the Mining limits & Mining cycles, the yield of the players reduces over time. The scarcity of $CLEG will also maintain the value of NFT lands and the financial gain of the players and investors.

“Chain of Legends” has also agreed with XT centralized exchange ( on the launchpad services and listing $CLEG on their platform. According to the Road map, it is an achievement that is acquired before the due time. Promised for Q3, but fulfilled at Q2!


The $CLEG primary IDO will be held on Liquidifty in June. Here’s what you need to know to prep:

  • Network: Binance smart chain
  • Token Ticker: $CLEG
  • Date: June 1st, 2022
  • Total Public Raise Size: $640,000
  • Price: $0.008 per $CLEG
  • Vesting: 25% on TGE, then 15% monthly linear unlock
  • Total Private Raise size: $130,000
  • Price: $0.0065 per $CLEG
  • Vesting: Starting from August, 10% monthly linear unlock
  • Website:

We look forward to offering $CLEG to our community and helping them gain traction.

SKAL frens!

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