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πŸŽ‰πŸ Giveaway Rally; Gear 2 πŸπŸŽ‰

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Gear 1 ended Successfully by the participation of 50 players who did the Tasks! Now, it’s the time for Gear 2 to begin…

How to Play: Tasks are the same as Gear 1. Required number of attendants is 100 people, though! 4X Reward pool awaits the first 100 people. First Come, First Serve! (FCFS)

  1. Complete All 4 tasks below:

2. Send proof of completion:

  • Take screenshots of each completed task.
  • Post all 4 screenshots under the pinned post on Twitter like photo below.
  • Don’t forget to comment “Giveaway Rally” and drop your Wallet Address along with the photos!
  • Mention 2 friends on twitter

🎁 Gear Rewards:

  • βœ… Gear 1️⃣: First 50 participants get 100 $CLEG each (total pool: 5,000 $CLEG)
  • βœ… Gear 2️⃣: First 100 participants get 200 $CLEG each (total pool: 20,000 $CLEG)
  • Gear 3: First 200 participants get 300 $CLEG each (total pool: 60,000 $CLEG)
  • Gear 4: First 400 participants get 400 $CLEG each (total pool: 160,000 $CLEG)
  • Gear 5: First 800 participants get 500 $CLEG each (total pool: 400,000 $CLEG)
  • Gear 6: First 1,600 participants get 600 $CLEG each (total pool: 960,000 $CLEG)
  • Gear 7: First 3,200 participants get 700 $CLEG each (total pool: 2,240,000 $CLEG)
  • Gear 8: First 6,400 participants get 800 $CLEG each (total pool: 5,120,000 $CLEG)

⏳ Time Limit:

Each Gear lasts for 7 days!

  • If the required number of participants is not met within 7 days, the event gets canceled and no one receives the rewards of that Gear. (Previous Gear Rewards are Guaranteed)
  • If the required number of participants met within 7 days or even sooner, The event moves to the next Gear.

❌ Don’t miss out on this exciting chance to earn $CLEG! Join the Giveaway Rally today and complete the tasks to unlock amazing rewards.

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