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Knowledge makes you more invulnerable!

The most crucial investment mistakes are:

First Error:

The first investment mistake is NOT investing:

Even those who know nothing about the world of investing should invest! How? Through simulation! Some platforms allow you to simulate your choices and see the outcome. If you do not find such websites, you can do it yourself on paper.

Second Error:

Risky investment with essential money:

Never risk that part of your money and capital that, if lost, would seriously damage your daily routine. Do not joke around with your life! In such cases, invest in low-risk asset classes.

Third Error:

Lack of optimal diversity:

Once your portfolio diversity is too low, you are at risk of lack of diversity, and if they are so diverse that you do not have time to manage them, the over-diversification error occurs.

Both of these conditions are investment errors.

Fourth Error:

Neglecting the portfolio checkup:

Suppose you have decided to invest 25% in gold, 40% in stocks, 20% in saving bonds, and 15% in bitcoins in October.

Even if your investment strategy is long-term and you do not want to buy and sell daily, every season, you have to check out your portfolio and see how everything goes with your assets.

It may need to get rescaled for two reasons:

  • First, the perspective of some asset classes might have changed. For example, the gold perspective has increased unexpectedly. Therefore, you need to increase its share by 10%.
  • The second reason is that a portion of your portfolio may have increased or decreased due to extreme positive or negative returns. In this case, you may need to readjust the proportion of assets in your portfolio.

Fifth Error:

Wrong strategy:

Everyone should determine their investment strategy based on these eight factors:

  • Purpose of investment
  • Risk-taking level
  • The amount of time spent on the investing
  • Investment skills grade
  • Need for monthly or regular liquidity
  • The amount of investment
  • Psychological preparedness for investing excitements and turmoil
  • Investment time perspectives

Based on these eight factors, you should make the following decisions:

If I divide the total investment amount into 100 units, I will put a portion of units in stocks, a portion of units in financial markets, and a portion of units in gold and other assets.

  • Should I use a direct investment strategy or professional agencies?
  • Should I use a long-term strategy or daily/weekly trading?
  • Should I use Copy Trading? or a herd strategy? or the opposite strategy?!

Sixth Error:

Collection of cognitive errors:

Those familiar with the cognitive and behavioral sciences know that the more you read these books, the more courtesy you must show in your behavior. Humans are a collection of cognitive errors.

Some examples of cognitive errors:

  • Excessive self-confidence (those who suffered a β€œcall margin” are well familiar with this subject)
  • Generalization of recent events to the future (novelty effect)
  • Generalization of small samples to a greater whole (for example, we generalize the performance of a bank to the whole system)
  • Mistaking skills with luck (we cannot analyze our performance properly)
  • Prejudice towards our decisions (we have bought a stock, its price has dropped, and we have been waiting for two years to sell it, at least at the break-even price, so we do not feel any loss.)
  • This time the story is different! (The market has grown drastically. Experts say this growth will lead to a massive drop, and we will return to the historical average. We disagree and say this time it is different!)


  • Start investing today (even in a trial space),
  • Always mind the optimal diversity!
  • Never risk your essential monthly budget,
  • Read and reflect on a cognitive error each week.
  • Wrench your portfolio every season!
  • Update your investment strategy based on the eight factors each year.

More articles are about to get published. Stay tuned!

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