April 13, 2024

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Troops Fight

That’s a question that always comes to mind while encountering a great project. The fact that everyone likes to be part of a trustworthy or powerful project always pulls the trigger of enthusiasm to become a follower, or more than that, to become a whitelist member and investor of that project. That’s why people always seek to have privileges against most of the people. Getting Whitelisted is one of those situations that eager people always look for.

What are the advantages of getting whitelisted?!

Whitelist Advantages

One of the advantages of getting whitelisted is that you will have earlier access to the information and the news of the project rather than other common people in our community. On the other hand, you will be on priority for every special NFT sales, IGO, discounts, or next campaigns.

In this special event of NFT pre-sale, only those who get whitelisted can purchase special Genesis Boxes of our lands, and after the Game launch, no one is able to buy lands on the website until the first mining Cycle finishes. But the Marketplace trades will be available in that period.

“Chain of Legends” Whitelist qualifications

The fact that you have chosen us to be a part of our community and get into our whitelist is very adorable and so much appreciated by us. This shows that there’s a connection between our community and us, and we all are pursuing a meaningful goal that is growing together.

So, here we have provided a list of things you can do to get whitelisted. The more entries you can accomplish; the more chances you will have to get whitelisted.

Then How can I get Whitelisted?!

Possible Entries:

Our goal is to expand our loyal community. So you can have any kind of creativity beside all the ways below in this path:

  • Participating in all of the running competitions and the competitions to come, like bounties, giveaways, polls, criticisms, invites, and so on.
  • Joining the COL-clubThe “COL-club” is a special channel for our loyal members who like to cooperate with us. In order to be an active member of this club, you can use your time and creativity to help us in expanding our community
  • Leading communities by making channels and Advertising or talking about “Chain of Legends” in other social communities
  • Reaching at least level 5 in our Discord server. Observe your improvement in the level channel and also try to raise your level by being an active member
  • Starting practical and useful discussions in Discord channels or main server chat
  • Talking about our project in your personal Twitter or Telegram channel with followers over than 3k (using practical Hashtags and tagging us and your friends)
  • Writing a sincere article about “Chain of Legends” and publishing it on various social media
  • Making memes for “Chain of Legends”
  • Making valuable artworks are so much appreciated
  • Making videos or streams about “Chain of Legends” on different social media
  • Inviting Lots of friends to our Discord Server
  • Using photologo, or the designs of the project for your profiles
  • listening to pieces of musics that you think are somehow related to the game and your feelings
  • Again, any special creativity will be accepted and appreciated


There is a verification process for the entries you have done and get verified. In order to do that, you should go to the Discord server self-nomination channel, send a ticket with the Bot and send all the screenshots that you have provided for us. So you can get qualified for the Whitelist.

  • Doing only one of the entries above may lead you to get whitelisted, but obviously using multiple entries will put you at the Top of the list

More articles are about to get published, stay tuned …

👇Join us and together we grow👇

Website and Social Media

🔹 Website: https://chainoflegends.com

🔹 Telegram channel: https://t.me/chainoflegends

🔹 Discord: https://discord.gg/B2ee9uBAE8

🔹 Twitter: https://twitter.com/chainoflegends

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