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PLAY NOW, But HOW?! “Chain of Legends”- VOL (1)

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We are sure that many of us are waiting for the moment that the game starts. But most of us are not well aware of how it works! So, here are a few words from the Team that will help you get familiar with the how-to-play section of the “Chain of Legends,” which is provided with Images. The good news is that the game is now LIVE on the main net

You can pursue the following simple steps to initiate the game and start earning income:

  1. Playing the Beta version and/or the 1st version of the “Chain of Legends” is as easy as pie. In the middle of the main website ( Https://, there is a “Play” button which will lead you to the Play-to-Earn section.

Or you can simply click on this link:

2. After that, you will see a loading page like the picture above. This window will automatically go to the next page once the loading is completed.

3. Then, this window appears. You should connect your Metamask wallet to the game’s platform to access the rest of the game.

4. After successfully connecting your wallet, the main page appears. This is the page where you will see collective information about your account.
  • The circle at the left top of the picture shows your Avatar, and by clicking on it, you can adjust the settings that you prefer for your profile. There is also Deposit and withdrawal page that is where you can access your financial transactions.
  • There you can see your wallet address in your profile. Two different sections allow you to easily deposit and withdraw as much $CLEG as you want. Notice that the minimum withdrawal amount is 200 $CLEG, and there is a withdrawal fee which is (5% + 100).
    For example, if you want to withdraw 200 CLEG, you will receive 90 CLEG. Because the withdrawal fee will be 110 CLEG.
  • At the top to the right of the page, you can see the amount of your current #CLEG, Iron, and stone inventory.

5. If you want to have #CLEG in your inventory, you can always purchase them from Pancake swap or any other exchange that #CLEG is listed on by clicking on the plus button next to it.

Or, if you need Iron and stone, you can purchase them from the marketplace by clicking on the plus button next to each one of them.

To initiate the game and mining section, you may want to go to the Marketplace page first and buy at least one land.

  • Remember that the Free-to-Play section is always available, and you will see how it works by reading to the end of this article.

6. By clicking on the “Marketplace” button at the bottom left corner of the page, you will get directed to the marketplace page.

7. Inside the marketplace page, in the “Lands” tab, you can purchase and add as many lands as you want to your inventory. You can purchase each one of the Legendary, Rare, Uncommon, or Common lands or a combination of them and send them to the Mining queue. This action will get done automatically.

  • In case you have little information about the difference between all types of lands, read our previous article about NFT Lands and get well informed.


8. If you ever liked to taste the Free-to-Play section of the game, Dessert lands are always there for you. By clicking on Desert lands, you can add them one at a time to your account and experience the #F2P version of the game with lower mining speed. The moment the land runs out of #CLEG, you can add another one to your account. After experiencing this part, if it still didn’t please your hunger and you liked to earn more, you should try investing in other NFT lands and Mining them to earn more.

When your purchase is completed, click on the “Home” button at the top left corner of the page to turn back to the home page!

9. When you returned to the Home page, you can click on the “Lands” Tab in the down middle of the page, and you will be directed to the page. There you can see the list of the lands that you already bought, and they are ready in line to get mined.

10. You can sort lands in the order that you like to get Mined. The left-most land will automatically get Mined, and once it finishes, the next land in the row will get started to be Mined. If you liked to change the order, you should simply click and drag the selected land to the left or right.

11. Remember that all of the Miners on the Home page have a limited capacity. The moment their storage capacity gets full, the Mining process temporarily stops until you get back online and collect them. Therefore, time is always Gold. Make it count, and get online on time to collect your #CLEGs (Iron, stone) by clicking on the “Collect” button.

12. To get more information about the status of each Mine, you have to click on them. Then, a new window pops up, and you can see extra information on the selected Mine.

  • Miners can get upgraded to have higher efficiency. There is an “Upgrade” button in the Upgrade tab, and by paying the fee, you can upgrade your Mines to levels 2, 3, and up to level 8.
  • Mines’ health also reduces over time due to working and mining, and they need to get repaired. There is a “Repair” button that you can repair your Mines to work with their full potential.

13. You can open your NFT boxes right in the red circle button around the down-right corner of the page.

  • By clicking on the OPen NFT box button, you’ll find All NFT boxes that you have bought from Tofu NFT or Liquidifty.
  • If you have no idea about NFT boxes, Please read this article first!

14. The “Exit button” on the Home page can help you quit the game’s Play-to-Earn page, but it won’t stop the process of Mining when you quit the game! But be aware that, Mining production stops when its storage capacity gets full. So, you should get back online before the due time and collect the #CLEG (Iron, stone.)

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