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AMA with Devs

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✅ Video AMA with Devs ✅

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A fantastic video AMA was held at:
🗓 18th August 2022
🕑 10:30 AM UTC

With the presence of devs who joined this event to answer the community’s questions and describe a few things for them!

The following passage is almost all of the enthusiastic discussions we had with the community who joined us in the event. If you missed joining the AMA, this is the best chance to read about all the discussed matters. Read to the end, because some of the following questions might also be your question

The Presenter of the AMA was “Behzad” and he led the AMA to the end.

A colored circle defines the lines of each speaker as below.
🟢 Behzad
🟣 Hmdrz
🔴 Mahdi

🟢 Hello everyone,
Nice to meet you all on this lovely evening. This is Behzad, the Market researcher at Chain of Legends. We are about to hold a video AMA with our community. At this event, we have Mahdi, the CMO, and Hmdrz, the content manager at “Chain of Legends”. We will talk about a lot of topics today. These are the headlines of the AMA:

AMA Topics:
1️⃣ Opening (Introduction of event, speakers)
2️⃣ Road Map (Entertaining plans)
3️⃣ Token Burn (Describe the event, subsequent burns, and what happens in the supply)
4️⃣ Game explanation (Upgrades, Repairs, Cycles, … )
5️⃣ Discord honor badge
6️⃣ Income (Mining, Referral program, Trading, Boxes, PvE & PvP, ROI calculator )
7️⃣ Withdrawals (Banned players, withdraw submit, Terms of use )
8️⃣ Bugs of the game (Dev team)
9️⃣ Live questions
🔟 Final speeches (Price estimates, long-term, reminding PvE & PvP & Guild system)

🟢 The best part of the user preference in this AMA would be the news of the release of Version 2.0 where everyone can access the new game features such as Stone Mine, Iron Mine, and barracks. But, you should know that the path we all stepped in will be unique! Yes, It may have upsides and downsides, but from a long-term point of view, “Chain of Legends” will definitely be the greatest hit in the history of #P2E games! As we have planned our game to last long until at least 2034. So, loyal and true believers should stay to the end of this journey and benefit from the price growth and the game’s new features.

🟢 Therefore, we go toward the first and most remarkable event of recent days which was the 1st Token Burn of #CLEG. Hmdrz, would you please explain the event to our community?!

🟣 Hello everyone! This is Hmdrz. I’m the content manager of the team and I’m here to answer all your questions and describe our plans and events to you.

🟣 As you know, we already launched the game on July 13th. But, our IDO finished on July 15th on the pinksale and the pool was created. A question that came to everyone’s mind was that “There is an aggressive token burn system that burns 70% of all tokens that players spend inside the game, and it was already mentioned in the whitepaper, when is that going to happen?” To answer this question we decided to burn 70% of tokens on almost the 15th of each month, the same day IDO happened and the pool was created. The aggressive token burn will help the price of #CLEG to remain valuable and not fall into a downtrend path because of too many withdrawals. So, a few days ago, our first token burn took place on August 15th. A total number of 14.5M CLEG got burnt. You can read about the details of this event on the link below:

  • This regular event at least keeps the price of CLEG in the support areas such as the IDO price.
    This procedure also reduces the supply of CLEG while the demand for CLEG stays the same or even increases!

The subsequent token burn events will also occur on the 15th of each month.

🟢 That’s great! Thanks for the explanation!

🟢 Let’s go to the next topic which is the explanations about the game. Would you please describe a bit about the Upgrades, Repairs, and Cycles? Because it answers a lot of questions of the community!

🟣 Sure, why not! We are here to solve the dilemmas and obstacles of our community.
In order to describe all the events of the CLEG Mine, I have to make it clear once again that Chain of Legends is a strategic game that you need to build your way up by the different decisions you make for your income and like a real-life decision, it might end well and provide lots benefits for you, or lead you to waste of time because of making bad decisions.
You may wonder how! I’ll explain it right now.
Upgrading the CLEG Mine is like an investment in your saw! The more you invest in it, the easier your job gets. Especially when you buy a chainsaw. In this example, the good quality chainsaw is a CLEG Mine level 7 or 8. Because it Mines lots of CLEGs out of the lands per day, thus you’ll earn way more than a CLEG Mine level 2 or 3. It’s true that the repair cost gets higher, but it’s totally worth it. Upgrading to the maximum level is like digging a deep oil pit. It cost a lot at first but makes you rich in a concise time after launch.
The details on the Repair cost of each level are right in the whitepaper, building section.

🟣 Although, these numbers get decreased by a “Demand & Supply” system called “Mining Cycles” that reduces the supply of CLEG over time. You may already know that when a cycle ends and the new one begins, the resources, the capacity, the Repair cost, and the production rate of all players get cut down by 5%. So, producing CLEG will get slower over time! This is how it works, and you should strategize how much you like to invest and how much you like to earn.

🟢 That was an excellent explanation, thanks!

🟢 There is a new concept on our Discord server and many people don’t know anything about it. Mahdi, would you mind talking us through “Honor Badges”?! What are they? Or what are they good for?

🔴 Hello fam, Nice to meet you all.
This is where it gets interesting and gives us all hope to go forward. These “Honor Badges” are designed in a perfectly localized way so that our active members of the community get higher ranks and receive more precious badges as a reward for being active.
These badges got inspired by Medieval titles and names. They are sorted out from 1 to 8 as “TenderFoot”, “Greenhorn”, “Journeyman”, “Master”, “Chieftain”, “Epic”, “Mythos”, and “Legend”.

🔴 If you wanna know what they are good for, I should say that we have very amusing plans and contests in the upcoming months including “The Beta phase of Version 2.0” of the game! There will be charming rewards for those who participate. But, it is going to be limited and only a unique active part of our community is allowed to participate in it. We will choose among the highest Honor badges.
So, go for it and stay active and supportive. This will undoubtedly get rewarded!

🟢 Well said! My advice to you guys is to get high badges. They really seem interesting.

🟢 The next topic to discuss is the sweet subject of “Income”. Our community obviously cares about income. It’s passed more than a month since the launch of the game. Mahdi, What are all the ways that people can earn income?!

🔴 Income in “Chain of Legends” Version 1.0 depends on various criteria. A few variables like CLEG Mine level and land type affect your income directly.

  • But, to talk generally, players can earn income by simply joining the game and buying a desert land that is free. They could also deposit an amount of CLEG, buy richer lands with a bonus production rate, and earn faster than others. This is the very basic way to earn income through playing “Chain of Legends.”
  • Another way besides mining is Trading. There are lots of players who earn income through buying and selling various lands. (Consider that selling lands in the marketplace has a 5% fee that gets deducted from the selling price)
  • The third way to earn an income is through our Referral program. You can earn easy money by referring your friends or family members to play our game. This way you will earn income from various actions they do inside the game. To read the details of our Referral program, go straightly to the whitepaper, Free-to-Play section. (Consider that creating multiple accounts and referring them to your own main account is an act against our rules and these accounts will get suspended eventually)
  • There was a way for early investors to earn income through #NFT boxes. Early players took a decent advantage of them and earned profits by unboxing them inside the game or simply trading them in a third-party marketplace. Not many of them exist now!
  • You can also calculate your #ROI by the modified calculator on the website. Choose your preferred lands and CLEG Mine level and estimate your monthly revenue.
  • To give you a perspective about the income in the next version of the game which are PvE mode, PvP mode, and guild system, I should say that the income is way more than the Mining section of Version 1.0. But, you need to be good at gaming and battles to earn a very good income out of it.

🔴 I think that would be all about the income!

🟢 Ohh, Ok. That was fascinating! Players really should try them all I guess.

🟢 Let’s move to the next topic, everybody! Withdrawals!
Hmdrz, part of our community is confused with the withdrawal requests that why don’t they receive them instantly? Or why does it take so long to reach their wallets?

🟣 Well, we have already talked a lot about this section to our community and sent many messages and announcements about it. Withdrawals take at most 24 hours for us to handle. But, there are many players who receive their CLEGs in less than a few hours. So, you need to be patient about withdrawals. This amount of time is spent on evaluating the authenticity of the requests. Everyone should know that this procedure prevents multi-owners to damage our ecosystem. So, being patient never hurts!

🟢 Then what about the players who get banned during this process?! What should they do?!

🟣 Well there are two types of players who get banned after withdrawal requests. The first type is multi-account owners. They should send an email to “”. These people can have only one of their accounts back after doing a KYC verification.
The second type is true fans of the project who somehow got connected to the multi-owners. These players may also get banned, but no worries! They should also send an email to “” and the KYC verification might not be necessary for them.

🟣 I suggest that our players need to read our Terms of Use section on the website. This will prevent many obstacles to happen to the players if they follow the rules.

🟢 Ok, sure! Everybody, please pay attention to the rules and don’t fall into trouble.

🟢 As the final step, we attend a bit to the bugs in the game. Mahdi, why do people experience lots of bugs?!

🔴 Ahhh, bugs! I have to confess that we faced various bugs and fixed them all. But, our game is very young and we have passed around 35 days since the Game’s launch. Most of the games experience a series of bugs and it’s totally a natural thing to happen. Our community has to know that the Devs are working relentlessly to make things happen and fix the bugs.
We are also proud to say that “Chain of Legends” is among the few games that were able to launch the game in a considerably short time. So, it’s promising news that we actually offered a product to the community and not just hollow promises!

🔴 If anyone ran into a problem, he should fill in the form below and wait for our team to handle their issues! By the way, sending multiple requests just make the team slower to answer all of the tickets. You need to be patient!

🟢 Alright! Let’s all be cooperative and not disturb devs with repetitive tickets!

🟢 Now, It’s time for answering the Live questions of the community!

🔹 When Version 2.0 will be available? 🔴 Version 2.0 of the game will hopefully start to get released by the end of Q3. We will release it step by step. For example, in the first week, we will release the “Stone Mine”. Then the next week, we will release the “Iron Mine”. Then the week after that, it will be the time to release Barracks. So, the procedure of version 2.0 is going to be like that!

🔹 How many accounts can we use? 🟣 You can only use one account per person, as mentioned in the Terms of Use. But, we have allowed you to manage 2 more accounts for your parents or your siblings. This exception is made for those who can’t use or are not able to play the game on their own. In this situation, you can manage an account for them!

🔹 Name one reason that players prefer playing “Chain of Legends”? 🟣 Scarcity would be the best response! The more we move forward, CLEG and NFT lands get scarcer than before. This means lots of Demand and short supply which means a rise in the price.

🔹 Differences between COL & other games?! 🔴 We actually care about the community and designed a game suitable for small and medium investors

🔹 Plans to acquire new users? 🔴 We have acquired plenty of players at the beginning of the game! So, we’ll let the referral program work on its own for now. But, we will definitely do marketing in case of necessity!

🔹 How the population of players has changed? 🔴 Actually, people join and leave every day. It’s just like a live exhibit, some people leave, but new players join the game!

🔹 Management is building a system to operate with fees? 🟣 As mentioned earlier, there is a marketplace fee for all sell orders that occur. Also mentioned earlier that 70% of all of the CLEGs that players spend in the game get burned once a month. The other 30% returns to the reward pool and becomes the foundation of all of the prizes and the economy of the game!

🟢 Very nice questions and very perfect answers!

🟢 Last words: I suggest you all upgrade your Mines as high as you can to get prepared for the V 2.0 of the game and its surprises.

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