December 2, 2023

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CLEG Burn| First Batch

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This amazing phenomenon took place on August 15th for the first time for $CLEG, the Native token of “Chain Of Legends” 🤩

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1st CLEG Burn

What happened in this Event?!

🎯 This phenomenon caused a deduction in total supply. Therefore, the supply of CLEG got more limited than before! Usually, the supply of CLEG gets reduced through the “Mining Cycles” system, and after passing 2 cycles, the production of CLEG got almost 10% reduced since the launch of the game (Version 1.0) on July 13th.

But, this is not the end! All of the tokens occasionally hold a token burn event and burn a portion of their token in order to make it rare and more valuable. This event for CLEG happens by the aggressive token Burn system that burns 70% of the CLEG that players spend in the game for upgrading their CLEG Mine or for repairing cost of the CLEG Mine.

🔹 You can see the details of the event in the following image 👇

✅ In this event, 70% of the CLEGs that players spent in the game, approximately 14.5 M $CLEG (182,000 USD), got burnt successfully!

🔹 In case you are interested in details of the event…

👇 👇 👇



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