April 13, 2024

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NFT Genesis Boxes

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In order to do an Initial NFT Offering (INO), we offered NFT lands of “Chain of Legends” on our website! But, now that we introduced a couple of NFT markets before the in-game marketplace launches, lots of hot trades are taking place!

NFT Boxes contain a bunch of lands. You can trade them on NFT marketplaces.

Currently, Cycle #1 and Cycle #2 lands are released in form of NFT boxes.

  • Cycle #1 Boxes: By purchasing these boxes you can open them when the game launches and get 30 to 45 Lands
  • Privilege: Note that there will be zero “Minting” fee for opening NFT boxes inside the game!
  • Cycle #2 Boxes: By purchasing these boxes you can open them when cycle #2 starts (expected 10 to 30 days after the launch of the game). and get 30 to 40 Lands. Cycle #2 Box’s lands have 5% fewer resources than Cycle one’s;
  • Read more about Mining Cycles

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​How to Obtain NFT Box

  1. Tofunnft marketplace:
  2. Liquidifty INO:

Types of Boxes

Cobalt Box

Cobalt Box

Pyrite Box

Pyrite Box

Copper Box

Copper Box

Gold Box

Gold Box
Lands Quantity / Drop Chance

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