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How-to-Play; Treasure Islands (PvP mode)

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The Hottest topic of these days. How to team up against other teams and fight over resources and $CLEG. Maybe one of the most expected fascinating versions of “Chain Of Legends” is the new update of the “PvP mode; Treasure Islands” to be said!

We are about to launch Version 3.0 of one of the best Play to Earn games in Blockchain history. So, read the article to the end and find out more complete facts about the “Chain Of Legends” Adventure mode with the great release of the “Treasure Islands”.


Adventure mode (Dungeons, Treasure Islands)
PvP Tutorial

Treasure Islands Waiting Room

Adventure Mode

💀 Dungeons

Chain Of Legends has two kinds of adventure modes! The first adventure mode was Dungeons (PvE mode), released in December 2022. There was also a Beta Contest whitelist back then for that section and players tested their strategies and won precious NFT Heroes such as Dragons, Catapults, and Mages.

🏝 Treasure Islands 🏴‍☠️

The other part of our adventure mode is “Treasure Islands” which is about to get released. But, we are in the Beta Contest stage right now! There are a few conditions for participants of the Beta Contest, though. They must get whitelisted first.

Treasure Islands is the newest version of Chain Of Legends that allows players to experience PvP battles, multiplayer battles, PvE battles, and Mining simultaneously! Players will be facing a huge update with lots of new things to experience. Hence, reading this article can be helpful. First, let’s learn about the game’s brand-new designs and unique sceneries!

PvP Tutorial:

This is how everything begins:

  1. On the Home page, click on the “Adventure” button. 👆 Then, Click on the “Treasure Islands” Icon.
Treasure Island Levels

2. Once you see the Treasure Islands roll map, you can choose one of these Islands based on the strength of your army!

  • Here on Islands, if you choose a certain Island and your army is not strong enough, you will receive a notification indicating this matter and it doesn’t allow you to go and face an absolute waste of time!
Rudder; Find Treasury
Sardinia Merit

3. If you choose Treasure Island D 64, it leads you here to the page where you see more information about this Island and a schema of the Island’s Treasuries. By clicking on the “Rudder”, your army will go on the quest of finding a Treasury. It takes at least 6 hours for them to get to one of the Treasuries. If all of the Island Treasuries are already occupied, the searching time will increase!

Solo? Or Raid?

4. Solo? Or Multiplayer?

To find a treasury, you can go on a “Solo” quest of finding it. In case you feel a bit weak or you need extra swords, create a public or private “Raid” and call out for help.

Collecting phase

5. Once you seized the Treasury spot, the “Collecting” phase initiates! The Collecting time and speed depend on the sum of the base damages of your survived Heroes!

The equation is 1 damage = Collecting 1 (CLEG/Iron/ Stone)
Example: you have one Warrior who survived in a battle of Treasure Island D64 and his base damage is 1042. It means that he can collect 1042 resources per day and it takes 3 days for this warrior to completely collect all the resources (CLEG/Stone/Iron) of that Treasury spot.


6. While trying to collect the resources of the Treasury, you can go to the “Defend” mode and set another formation for your troops! Because, once you take a Treasury spot, you are at risk of getting invaded by other players!


7. By entering the Defend Mode, you’ll be able to build two X-Bows to help you defend the Treasury. These defensive structures have a very long range and you can build them using Stone & Iron!
You can also add troops to the battle formation and change their combination as you wish. Adding new troops will decrease the collecting time for you!

  • Troops won’t get healed during the collecting phase
  • Dead troops won’t return to the Barracks until the Collecting phase gets over or you get defeated while defending the Island.
  • You can add a few Mages to help heal your injured troops while somebody is trying to invade your Treasury.
  • The X-Bows are only meant to defend this Treasury for you. You can not use them afterward!
Occupied Island Icon

8. In case you noticed one of these “Tower” Icons, they are indicating Treasury points where other players have already found and occupied them. You can also choose to attack them instead of attacking Treasure Island Buccaneers.

Scout Icon
PvP Scout button

9. By clicking one of these Tower icons, you’ll once again have the option to attack solo or go to a multiplayer battle by creating a Raid. Although, there’s another button that gives you an advantage, the “Scout” button. The scout button helps you identify which heroes are currently present in this Treasury spot and what levels they have. Of course, scouting has a little cost for you based on the difficulty of that island.

Raid Request
Join Raid Icon

10. You may see one of these Helmet icons on each Treasure Island. This icon means that there’s a player who is looking for an ally to go to a Raid. You can observe his strategy and choose whether to participate in his Raid or not (In case the requested Hero is available in your Barracks.)

Join Raid

11. If your multiplayer Raid is successful and you win the battle, at the time of defending, participating players can add extra troops to enhance the Collecting speed and decide on the formation of their troops, but only the Leader can change other players’ formation and make the final decision about the formation of troops and whether they are necessary or not!

  • The following photo shows you the status of your troops and the others. Your troops are indicated with a Golden level badge, and the others with a Blue level badge.
Defend the Treasury

12. In the bar below the map, there is a list of Items that you can obtain on that certain Island by winning the battle and completing the Collecting phase! So, defending the Island gets more important.

Item Bar

13. The list of items that you can achieve at the end of the Collecting phase is listed at the bottom of the Island map. At “Sardinia Merit” (D64) You can only obtain level one Items. There’s an almost 6% chance to get each one of them!

Resources & Hero Drop Chance

14. At the left Bar, you can see the rest of This Island’s rewards. 1042 CLEG/Stone/Iron and a Drop chance of capturing one of the buccaneers. The time below them is considered for the Go & Return! If the number of players who are seeking Treasuries exceeds 32, the time of finding a new one increases for the 33rd player. The increase in time depends on the number of players who request to find a Treasury spot and the number of existing Treasury spots in the chosen Treasure Island.

  • As you improve your army and search for more difficult Islands, your rewards increase respectively! For example, if you go to the Treasure Islands D128, you’ll get the chance of obtaining level 2 NFT Items and higher-ranked Heroes along with double resources!
Corsica Summits D128

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