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NFT LANDS of “Chain of Legends”

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Lands are a necessity for earning income. Therefore, first of all, you need to invest on the NFT lands to be able to extract #CLEG or other minerals and start your earning adventure in the “Chain of Legends” game.
You can also get supplementary information in the Lands section of the whitepaper.

What kind of Lands are available?!
How many Lands are available?!!

There are 5 types of lands available in the game:
1. COMMON LAND: A Common land has almost 235 tokens, Iron, and Stone. Steady production rate (1400 lands available per day)

A Common Land

Consider that you can buy a common land for 47 CLEG and start mining. You can mine 235 #CLEG tokens from a common land in the first mining cycle of the game. Remember that the 2nd cycle’s Common land is going to have 5% fewer resources.
After 4.5 days, the resources of your land will get completely extracted. Then you need to buy a new land to continue mining and earning.
This way by the end of the month, your funds will get almost doubled, and you can earn up to 90% net monthly income from the initial investment on the Common lands.

2. UNCOMMON LAND: An Uncommon land has almost 700 #CLEG tokens, Iron, and Stone. +10% earning rate. (480 lands available per day)

An Uncommon Land

It is the second investable land in the row that has more resources and also the privilege of faster mining speed than a Common land (Remember that despite this privilege, you can always upgrade your Mine and use a faster production rate.)
You can own an Uncommon land by paying 156 #CLEG and mine 700 #CLEG in an almost 13days period.

3. RARE LAND: The Rare land almost has 2800 #CLEG tokens, Iron, and Stone. +20% earning rate. (100 lands available per day)

A Rare Land

The 3rd investable land in the row. In this precious land, you will have the privilege of a 20% faster extraction speed. Thus, you will mine and earn more resources than the two previous lands in a similar period of time.
672 #CLEG is the price of purchasing this land, and 2800 #CLEG is all you can Mine from the game’s token. Don’t forget to extract the Stones and Irons of this land.

4. LEGENDARY LAND: The Legendary land has almost 14000 #CLEG tokens, Iron, and Stone. +30% earning rate. (20 lands available per day)

A Legendary Land

The rarest of them all. The most valuable NFT land in “Chain of Legends”. By paying 3640 #CLEG you can purchase this NFT from the website and start mining and extracting 14000 #CLEG available on this land with a 30% faster mining speed. Let aside the precious minerals.

5. DESSERT LAND: There is also a dessert land that has only 25 #CLEG and has a -25% earning rate. (2800 lands available per day)

A Desert Land

And it also has no Iron or Stone. One of these lands will be awarded to each player at the beginning of the game for the “Free-to-Play” section.
* Never forget that the lands that we introduced above, are the lands available in the 1st mining cycle. The lands of the 2nd cycle will have 5% fewer resources and mining speed. So as for the 3rd and 4th and so on.
* So the lands of the 1st Cycle are the most precious of them all

Why do we need lands at all?!!
(general information about the game)

You need lands to deploy your buildings and start earning resources. Each land has a limited amount of resources. When resources of a land get finished, you have to buy a new one. The number of lands is limited per day. They will be distributed to the market throughout the day. To control inflation, When more players extract land resources, the #P2E section of tokens will get decreased, hence the number of tokens in lands will get decreased. This will help players’ assets to remain always valuable due to scarcity.

As long as users spend their tokens in the game, tokens will directly get transferred into the reward pool and new lands will get regenerated.

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