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How to Play-to-Earn on “CHAIN OF LEGENDS”

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Are you interested in playing video games, especially strategic ones, and earning income at the same time?! “Chain of Legends” has provided up to 40% net monthly income from the initial investment in the first few months. If you are interested and you don’t know how or are not familiar with the procedure, read the following article.

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What is Play-to-earn?

· Play2Earn means to get rewarded for playing video games. Those rewards come in the form of Cryptocurrency or Non-Fungible-Token.

· Play2Earn Cryptocurrency: Players will get rewarded with Crypto Token. Those can be niche game tokens or known coins like Ethereum.

· Play2Earn Non-Fungible-Token: Players will get rewarded with NFT. Token that can mirror items in games. Those can be traded on platforms like

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Simple Instructions for Earning

You can begin earning by investing for yourself starting from $9 (based on the CLEG price in the ICO stage) and following these few simple steps:

1- Upgrade your CLEG Mine with the cost of 1000 #CLEG (It will take 12 hours to get constructed. You can finish the construction immediately by paying 50 #CLEG)

2- Buy a common land and start mining. You can mine 235 #CLEG tokens from a common land in the first mining cycle of the game.

*Read more about Mining Cycles.

3- After a few days, the resources of your land will get completely extracted and it will get trashed. You can buy a new land to continue mining and earning.

Constructing buildings and buying lands are always available on the website unless we have already reached the supply limit of the lands on that day.

The image of a Common land in the game of “Chain of legends”

What’s next? 🧐

Here is where you can have two different approaches to continue:

The first approach:

You can go to the exchanges and directly sell all the tokens you have already mined.
This way by the end of the month, your funds will get almost doubled, and you can earn up to 90% net monthly income from the initial investment on the #CLEG Mine and the common lands. Let aside that the Mine itself will rise in value over time.
You can always start the game by buying more profitable lands from the website.

*Read more about all kinds of lands.

The second approach:

You can use the mined tokens inside the game to build an empire and an army to go on adventures and explore the world of “Chain of legends” with the mightiest heroes that you train for your empire.

For that matter, you should build a Stone mine first, then build an Iron mine in the next step. Stones and #CLEG are the necessity for building an Iron mine. You should know that this is a time-consuming matter, so you can always purchase the materials you need in the marketplace from other players who want to sell their extracted stones.

Then in order to have an army, you have to build a barrack. For building a barrack you need #CLEG, Stone, and Iron. Right now, you are ready to buy and train heroes.

After gathering a suitable army, you can go on adventures and battles to collect treasures and earn extra income.

Play-to-earn Tokenomics

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Tokens

Initial Supply: 100,000,000 Tokens

IDO Price: 0.008$

As you can see here, we have dedicated almost 60% of our tokenomics to the play-to-earn section. That’s only because we want our community to have more income potential.

Vesting tokens are locked in unicrypt platform and vesting over time based on the vesting plan. You can see more details in the Chain of Legends Token Vesting Google Sheet.

Price Stability

We have applied many mechanisms to control the price movements and reduce pumps, dumps, and continuous price decline. So, there is no need to worry about price declines. On the contrary, there will be a smooth uptrend for our #CLEG price in the upcoming months.


Each user can get a free mine with low mining speed and capacity. We’ve provided this option for our community to go & play the game for free, so they can evaluate every aspect of the game to see if they like the gameplay more or if the tokenomics is more attractive for them.

To get your free #CLEG tokens, you can do the following simple steps to obtain it:

· Daily Quests Claims

· Contribute to marketing campaigns for airdrops and bounties

· Refer new users and earn a percentage of their investment

· Winning mines in NFT airdrops to earn game tokens

More articles are about to get published, stay tuned …

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