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PvE (Dungeons)| How-to-Play

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How thrilled are you to play Adventure Mode (PvE) for real on the main net and start earning money by winning battles in the dungeons?

You may have already joined the Beta phase of Chain Of Legends PvE Mode at the time this article is getting written and you experienced a lot. But, most of our community members did not participate in this part because the Beta phase was whitelist exclusive!
The good news is that this article is not only helpful to the new players who want to find out how to play the PvE Mode, but it also is helpful to the whitelisted players who actually experienced a lot in the Beta phase!

So, read the article to the end and find out some exciting facts about the “Chain Of Legends” Adventure mode. This article will help you like a torch in the depth and darkness of Dungeons!

Dungeons Battlefield
How to Play
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The Dungeon Battlefield

Dungeons Battlefield

Look at the design of the battlefield above! Huge intense battles will take place on this field, and the skulls and bones of dead bodies and creatures ramble up every day. A few players win the battles, and the rest of them may lose. You have to test different strategies and find out the best solution and strategy to win as many battles as you can. Because “ Time is GOLD” and if you lose a battle in dungeons, you’ll have to wait a few days for your squad of Heroes to recover from the injuries of the battle!

Since the Beta phase of V2.0 is over, you can know about the procedure of whitelisted players of the beta phase by reading this article:

It will also give you access to some general information about the game and a few steps before this article. So, it is suggested to read the article above and get whitelisted to taste and touch the PvE Mode of the game closer to reality.

There is an award in the shape of #NFT Heroes for those participating in the beta phase, and be among the 555 hardworking players who managed to earn over 2000 CLEG from going on multiple adventures and winning the matches.

We had a #Beta contest that players participated. You can see the posts based on your preferred social media & win the #NFT prize:

How to Play

Now, let’s head back to the details of playing the adventure mode, Dungeons!

In the beginning, after building Stone Mine and Iron Mine, you have to build your barracks to be able to go to the adventures; Dungeons & Treasure Islands. Right now, you are only able to go to the Dungeons, the PvE section of the game.

  1. Collecting Resources
Collecting 1000 CLEG, 1000 Stone, 1000 Iron

Collect the resources required for building Barracks. You’re gonna need 1000 CLEG, 1000 Stone, and 1000 Iron to build Barracks for yourself.

2. Paying the Building Cost

Pay the building cost

Now, you have all the required resources. Click on the Build button and pay the building cost. By paying this amount of resources, you will be able to train troops for marching to the Adventures.

3. Open Barracks

Open Barracks

Right after the building time gets over, you can click on the “Open” button and get inside Barracks where you can train your Troops. There are two buttons on which you can train your first hero by clicking on them. These buttons are indicated by a Red rectangle. As you can see in the photo, your Barrack is at level 1 right now.

4. Training Troops

Training Troops

Train your first troop for your army which is a Warrior. At your current level, you can only Train Warriors. Archer and other troops will be available to train once you upgrade your Barracks to the next levels.

You can train a Warrior by paying 100 CLEG and 30 Iron. Normally, each training takes 30 minutes. You can only train one troop at a time at Barracks level 1.

The Warrior deals 50 Damage to enemies. He is a close combat troop and has 100 Armor.

5. Adventure Button

Adventure Button

Your Barrack has 5 empty spots for training troops at level 1. Right after training enough troops based on your strategies, click on the “Adventure” Button on the down-right corner of the page marked by a Red circle! Train troops as much as you can and send them off to search for a dungeon, otherwise, they might get outnumbered and get defeated by enemies. Proceed cautiously!

6. Dungeons


Then, This window pops up! Here you have to choose whether you want to go to a Dungeon, or you want to go to the quest of a Treasure island. Currently, our Treasure Island section (PvP mode) is not available. So, you can only go for Dungeons right now. Tap or click on the Dungeon photo to go to the Dungeons page.

7. Dungeons Difficulty

Dungeon’s Difficulty

Dungeons are sorted from top to down by the easiest to the hardest! The difficulty of Dungeons is defined by numbers. For example, the first Dungeon’s difficulty is number 1, and the second one’s difficulty is 2. It means that the second Dungeon is as twice hard as the first Dungeon.
The third Dungeon’s difficulty is 4. So, the difficulty of the third Dungeon is 4 times harder than the first Dungeon. The formula goes on until the 8th Dungeon which is 128 times harder than the first Dungeon.

Another column of this page and the sweetest part is the number of resources as rewards for each Dungeon. For winning a battle in Dungeon D1 (difficulty 1), you will receive 48 CLEG, 16 Stone, and 12 Iron as a reward.
Although, there is another interesting matter to the Dungeons, and that would be the chance to capture Goblins and Dragons for winning a battle! The chance to capture a Goblin level 1 in Dungeon D1 is 10% and the chance to win a Dragon is zero.

  • It is worth it mentioning that the rewards of each Difficulty also get doubled as it gets harder and harder. It means that you will earn twice more resources by winning a D2 battle compared to a D1 Dungeon.
  • The positive point of adventure rewards is that it’s a net profit! There is no repair and land cost like the game’s Mining section.
  • Travel Time:
    Normally, it takes 1 day for your Army to find a Dungeon and it takes another day to return to your Barracks. But, there are a certain number of Dungeons per day. If the number of requests for a certain Dungeon exceeds the defined number, the duration of the travel gets extended based on the number of requests. For example, the travel time might get extended from 2 days to 3, 4, or even 6 days.

8. Battle Formation

Battle Formation

Once you choose and click on a Dungeon, the battle formation Page appears for you. Here, You have to consider a strategy for your battle and set the troops on the battlefield based on your strategy. You can set your Heroes wherever you want on the bright side of the battlefield, but consider that your enemy might be a Dragon. It is a long Range attacker and it can reach out to your melee troops very easily based on his level.

  • The enemy is the defender! The defenders always have the advantage of first move and attack.
  • You can send off all of your troops or even a small squad of them to the quest of finding Dungeons.
  • You can tap on each Hero and choose the priority of attacking based on your strategy. There are 3 types of priority: “ Closest, Lowest HP, and Highest Damage.”

After setting the suitable formation, click on the “Start Adventure” button and send them off on their quest.

9. Primary Ressults

Primary Results

As soon as your troops march toward Dungeons, this message pops up. It shows the primary results about the Arrival time and the Return time. Click on the “Return” button to get back to the “Adventure History” page.

10. Adventure History

Adventure History (Final Results)

Once your troops arrive at Dungeon D1, they face a severe battle engagement. Because you surpassed the borders of the enemy lair. Those vivid creatures never tolerate it and begin the battle by attacking one after another as the first team. Then, your troops must try their best to survive and defeat the enemy to obtain precious resources!

Victory Page

As you can see in the photo above, our first battle turned out to be a Victory! The resources gained from D1 are 53 CLEG, almost 18 Stone, and 13 Iron. Great, isn’t it?! You should know that the resources that you can win as a reward for victory reduce by 5% over time after each Cycle. So, make it count and earn as much as you can.

  • If you still need more information about “Mining Cycles” at Chain Of Legends, read this article entirely:
  • There also was a small chance to capture one of these creatures, but I wasn’t lucky enough! ☺️ Make sure to leave an empty spot in your Barracks. Because if it is at full capacity, you may lose the chance of returning the captured creature to your barracks. Make room for them!
  • After the victory, all of your troops will gain +10 experience from the battle. In case of losing the battle, they’ll only gain +5 experience!

11. Adventure History Shortcut

Adventure Shortcut

The Adventure History is also accessible on the main page right here before choosing the Adventure type. The shortcut link sends you directly to the Adventure History page.

There is but one problem that you will face in your Barracks, and that would be the lack of free space. If you like to have a larger and stronger army, there are only two options possible for you to do:
12. (1) Merging Heroes

Merging Heroes

The limited Barracks space leaves you no option other than merging heroes together. But, how does it really work?! What are the consequences?!

Merging Heroes allows you to free up space for training new troops or for having a free spot to have a chance to capture enemy troops and to tame them for your own army. Another privilege of merging heroes is having a stronger troop instead of two troops.

Let’s suppose that you want to Merge these two indicated warriors together. You can click on either one of the Upgrade buttons and initiate the merging Process.

Selecting a Hero to Merge

Right after clicking on the Upgrade button, this window pops up. Select the proper warrior to start the merging process. You should know that you can only merge heroes who are the same kind and have the same level of experience.

Consider that merging heroes is a deflationary system that is designed to prevent the inflation of CLEG in our Version 2.0, the #PvE section. The stats show that by merging these two (level one) warriors together you will have a level 2 Warrior with a base damage of 75 instead of 50, and a Health point of 300 instead of 200. The experience of the new warrior will be the average of those two earlier warriors. For instance, one of them has 20 experience, and the other one has 0 experience. The new warrior’s experience will be (20 + 0)/2 = 10.

  • Generally, the estimated upgrade time to merge two heroes is 45 minutes!
Merged Warrior lvl2

After 45 minutes, your merged warrior gets ready for the battles. A Warrior level 2 with the experience of 10 is ready for marching toward new Dungeons.

12. (2) Upgrading Barracks

Barracks Upgrade

The second way to increase the capacity of your Barrack is by upgrading it to the upper levels. By clicking on the “Upgrade” button that exists under the photo of the Barracks, this window pops up. It shows that for upgrading your Barrack to level 2, you need to pay 1000 CLEG + 1000 Stone + 1000 Iron.

  • Training a new Hero, the “Archer”, is one of the advantages of upgrading your Barracks to level 2.

Other advantages of upgrading are:

  • Training Capacity: 5 + 2 = 7
  • Daily Healing: 240Hp + 240 Hp = 480 Hp
  • Bonus Stats: 0% → 5%
  • Training Queue: 1 + 1 = 2

13. Instant Upgrade

Instant Upgrade

You can pay 10% of the paid amount for upgrading your barracks instantly. Otherwise, you have to wait 24 hours until the upgrade time gets over.

14. Training Archer

Train Archer

As soon as the upgrade time runs out, you will be able to train Archer for your army. The cost of training an Archer is 100 CLEG + 20 Iron.
Archer is a long-range attacker with a range of 2 plots, has 40 Damage and 30 Armor. He can attack enemies from behind and help the battle toward winning. The combination of melee troops and long-range troops always works. So, Strategize & try to win!

15. Preparing Stronger Army

Preparing Stronger Army

Train enough Heroes for going to harder Dungeons and aiming for bigger loots. As you can see in the photo above, we have trained a bunch of Warriors and Archers to send them off on a harder quest of finding a Dungeon D2.

16. Dungeon Difficulty 2

Dungeon Difficulty 2

By clicking on the Adventure button and choosing Dungeons, we get to this page once again. Here, as we prepared ourselves for a harder battle, We’ll choose a Dungeon D2 which gives us more rewards (106 CLEG + 35 Stone + 27 Iron) and a chance of capturing a Goblin level 2.

Click on the “Select” button and march your troops toward a D2 battle. It takes 2 days to go and return. Again, this period might get longer if the number of requests for D2 gets too much.

17. Setting Battle Formation

Setting Battle Formation

Once again we set the formation of our army before sending them off. Don’t forget!! Strategy is very important in “Chain Of Legends.”
Set the formation that you have in mind and click on the “Start Adventure” button on the down-right side of the page. Then begin the quest of finding Dungeon D2.

18. Dungeon Battles

Dungeon Battles

Now, the battle has just started! The hit of the battle gets higher. The Goblins started the fight by attacking our troops and we got hit by their first attacks. Now, it’s our turn to start attacking with the best we got!

The battle goes on and on until….

19. Battle Results

Defeated Battle

The results show that our army of heroes got defeated by the Goblins of Dungeon D2. We didn’t get any rewards from this battle, because we lost the match. Now, the army is returning to the Barracks and needs to rest a bit until they get healed enough for the next battle.

  • This is why we always tell you to strategize for your battles! Train enough troops and set the best formation for your army.

20. New Levels, New Troops

New Barrack Levels, New Heroes

Keep on playing and keep up the excitement! Upgrade your Barracks for releasing and training new troops to make your army stronger! Merge them to create tough troops and free up some space for a few captive troops during the battles at Dungeons.

Maximizing Power

Unleash the true power of your army by mixing different strategies and using various combination of Squads!

  • This is the order of releasing new troops based on the level of Barracks:
  1. Barracks Level 1 👉 Warrior 🗡
  2. Barracks Level 2 👉 Archer 🏹
  3. Barracks Level 3 👉 Guardian 🛡
  4. Barracks Level 4 👉 Knight 🐴
  5. Barracks Level 5 👉 Mage 🧙‍♀️
  6. Barracks Level 6 👉 Catapult ☄️

More articles are about to get published, Stay Tuned …

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