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PvE Mode Guide|Beta Whitelist

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Almost 3 months have passed since the launch of the 1st version of the game, the mining section. The journey had lots of ups & downs. The players and investors got on board the β€œChain Of Legends” ship along with us on this amazing path, looking forward to what lies ahead of us, the bright future of #CLEG by the warm welcome of the good supportive players of Chain Of Legends to their own #P2E game.

Now, we have reached the point that the whispers of the next game’s version, the #PvE mode (the Adventure mode) are getting heard. So, we should be prepared for what comes upon us by reading this article to the end.

The Stone Mine
The Iron Mine
The Barracks
The Adventure Mode
PvE Beta Version

PvE Mode (Adventure Mode)

The Stone Mine

πŸ—» Stone Mine Quarry πŸ—»
🧨 The quarry of all types of Stone

The first step of Version 2.0 would be the release of the Stone Mine. For building a Stone Mine, you need to pay 400 CLEG and wait 12 hours for the construction time. Then, your Mine gets ready to extract 100 Stone per day from your lands.

Then, for upgrading and mining faster, you should upgrade it to level 2 by paying 400 CLEG + 400 Stone as an upgrade cost and a 24 hours construction time. That way you’ll produce 190 Stone per day.

βš’ Mine deep and crush the stones, then shape them in the proper way for building the Iron Mine and the Barracks

πŸ› Build the basis of your empire on pillars of stone, and show your enemies the true power and the solidity of your fortress.

Stone Mine

Iron Mine

πŸ’₯🎊 Unveiling #Iron Mine 🎊πŸ’₯

πŸ• It is meant to be used in building Barracks, to fortify the armor of your Heroes (πŸ›‘), and forge them into weapons (βš”οΈ)!

🏰 For building an Iron Mine, you need to pay (500 CLEG + 500 Stone) and wait 12 hours for the construction time. Then, your Mine gets ready to extract 100 Iron per day from your lands.
πŸ’° So, save up your CLEG and wait for the Iron Mine to get ready to initiate Mining.

Then, for upgrading and mining Iron faster, you should upgrade it to level 2 by paying (500 CLEG + 500 Stone + 500 Iron) as an upgrade cost and a 24 hours construction time. That way you’ll produce 190 Iron per day.

πŸ‘·πŸ» Excavating deep into the heart of lands to extract precious metal buried in the deep layers of the lands! πŸ‘·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Iron Mine


πŸ°βš”οΈ Barracks & Legends βš”οΈπŸ°

πŸ• Barracks are meant to be used for training and healing troops!
🏰 For building a Barrack, you need to pay (1000 CLEG + 1000 Stone + 1000 Iron) and wait 12 hours for the construction time. Then, your Barrack gets ready to train your heroes. The barracks at level 1 have 5 spots capacity for your troops and can heal 240 HP per day for all of them (240 / 5 = 48 HP/Day for each troop).

Upgrading the barracks to level 2 will help you increase the capacity of your barracks from 5 spots to 7 spots and doubles your HP regeneration from 240 to 480 HP per day. You should pay (1000 CLEG + 1000 Stone + 1000 Iron) as an upgrade cost and a 24 hours construction time.

That way, you will also get an additional bonus of 10% for your Heroes’ Damage, Armor, Magic Resistance, and Healing Power.

πŸ”₯ We’re seeing a complete breakdown of law and order. The army is holed up in its barracks or its bunkers!
πŸ”₯ Are you the legend who can replenish the spirit of the soldiers?!


The Adventure Mode

The following photo is the initial design of the β€œAdventure” Mode. By clicking on the Adventure button, you’ll be able to see a module on a new page. You must set the difficulty of the adventure based on your skills and your troops’ level. There will be eight difficulty modes. The second mode is twice hard as the first mode, and its rarity is half of the first mode. This formula works the same way on all of the modes.

  • For instance, in the easiest mode (difficulty = X ), there are 640 dungeons to explore. But, in the second easy mode, the difficulty would be 2X, and there will be 320 dungeons to explore. And in the third mode, the difficulty would be 4X and 160 dungeons to explore and fight.

The adventure might last from 1 day to a few days, based on the number of players! So, try to be patient about it because the rewards will be very intriguing!🀩 You’ll be able to earn CLEG and the possibility to capture Goblins and Dragons and obtain battle NFTs (coming soon)!

  • In order to capture a dragon or a goblin for your army, you need to have free spots in your barrack. Otherwise, the captured creature can not be owned.
  • There is a feature to free up spots in your barracks, and that’s the combination of Heroes to make stronger Heroes!
  • The rewards, numbers, and NFTs mentioned in the following photo are NOT real and are set as an example!
Adventure Mode

Treasure Island

The concept of Treasure Island is meant to be published for PvP mode, which will be a thrilling part of the game because you will be playing against other players.
A few steps after that, to take over a very resourceful treasure island, you need to β€œGuild up” with a few friends and attack the pre-occupied island or defend the first found island from the invaders!

PvE Beta phase

As everyone expects, there will be an amusing beta phase for our Adventure mode and eager players can join the crowd by getting whitelisted. Lots of valuable prizes are considered for the players of the beta phase.

  • How can I get whitelisted?! πŸ“ƒ
    Already a bunch of active players got the ticket to the beta phase of our PvE mode. But don’t worry! There is still time!
    We are going to throw a few contests and campaigns in the upcoming days and we will reward the whitelist spot to the winners and qualified COL players as a prize for their efforts and support!
    You can find out and follow our events through our social media or by joining the Whitelist Forum and talking over it with other players with the link below:

More articles are about to get published, stay tuned …

πŸ‘‡ Join us, and together we grow πŸ‘‡

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