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🏰⏫  Growth Challenge ⏫🏰

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🀩 Gain Growth Points & Buy Secret Shop Items πŸ€‘

πŸ“† Growth Challenge is an Event for the entire March!

⁉️ Yet there’s a little difference with the Challenge on January!

✨ 40%OFF
If you claim the items before March 17th ends, you’ve claimed them 40% cheaper

✨ 30% OFF
If you claim the items before March 18th ends, you’ve claimed them 30% cheaper

✨ 20% OFF
If you claim the items before March 24th ends, you’ve claimed them 20% cheaper

⚠️ 10% OFF
Claiming the items after March 25th, is practically the same as buying them in the market or 10% cheaper

❓ What is Growth Challenge ❓

There’s a Monthly Ranking Score based on the value growth of the player’s building, troops, and items since 1st day of this month. Players receive “Challenge Points” based on their progress during the month and they can buy everything provided for them in the “Secret Shop”. If you collect enough Challenge Points, you’ll be able to buy invaluable assets like Buildings, Heroes, and Items from the Secret Shop.

⚠️ Challenge Score refreshes every 30 minutes.

πŸ€‘ Collect Challenge Score Right Now πŸ‘‡

✨ ✨

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