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Captain’s Treasure; Withdrawal Fee DAO

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Two Major Changes will happen after this DAO, and it’s all about the following two titles: 

  • Personalized Withdrawal Fee
  • Monthly Special Treasury ‼️

As you may have noticed, we recently were fully focused on solutions to maintain the $CLEG price, which has led to a stable side trend in recent weeks. A few more steps to go to complete our efforts and head toward an uptrend $CLEG price.

⚖️ Personalized Withdrawal Fee

Withdrawal Fee gets personalized depending on the $CLEG circulation of one’s account and it changes from 100 CLEG + 5% to 100 CLEG + (0 — 30)%!

  • The Fee varies from almost 0% to a maximum of 30%!
  • The formula that we calculate the Withdrawal Fee with is:
     (Total Withdraw + (current withdraw / 2)) / Total Deposit * 10
  • For new players, the Fee will be almost “Zero”!
  • For the players who withdrew 3x or more of their Deposit amounts, the Fee is 30%. 

✅ Advantages

  • The advantage of this change is a shorter ROI period for new players by paying fewer Fee!
  • Only Players who already gained their ROI pay an extra fee. As this action helps increase the $CLEG price, their excessive losses get compensated by the increased price.
  • A stable uptrend $CLEG price attracts more players and investors.

As we move forward, the game will be more thrilling and exciting for the old players who have strong armies. 
You ask “How?”… Continue Reading!👇

💸 Monthly Special Treasury

In this scenario, 50% of the collected fees get burned and the other 50% goes to a reward pool for a special monthly competition. The first Competition is called “Captain’s Treasure”.

  • On the 15th of the next month On each Island, 1 Special Treasury appears in each difficulty of the Treasure Islands loaded with USDT prizes (A portion of the reward pool. Our estimation is 5x — 10x more resources).
  • The collecting time also increases based on the base damage of the players’ Heroes and the amount of Treasury within the Treasury spot.
  • A total of 6 Treasury spots appear next month. One in each difficulty!
  • Once Players attack this treasure and capture it, they have to defend it from other invaders who are seeking the New Treasury that appears on the Treasure Islands.

🗳 Vote for a new Exhilarating Adventure! 🤩🏰

📆 Date: 17 October 2023

📍 Venue:

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